Album Review – ‘Felt’ by Clean Cut Kid

Once it was clarified that the album is named after the emotion and not the fabric, Clean Cut Kid have FINALLY released their debut album after two years of hard work, determination and lots of love went into the production of ‘Felt.’

Liverpudlian four-piece made up of Mike Halls, Evelyn Halls, Saul Godman and Ross Higginson create wonderous stories which last between 3-4 minutes long which are full of hope, love, feeling wanted and promoting a healthy dose of a certain vitamin. Shimmery, glistening and downright dazzling, the spellbinding vocals which are Mike and Evelyn Hall together prove that holy matrimony is much more than just marriage, the pair’s harmonies are such a divine dream to listen to, you will feel a warm little haze inside which is perfectly normal when listening to the record.

Now, the 5 F’s: The Forever Fangirl’s Favourites From ‘Felt’

Vitamin CThe song which made me realise how poignant this band are, the first ever song I heard by CCK, it holds a special place in my heart. Also, a subtle promotion for fruits and vegetables. 

We Used To Be In Love – A firm favourite among fans and so much so that it was covered on a PRIDES’ Mixtape, the chorus along will make you think of those nostalgic moments where you did love someone but you know what? You’re in a better place now, sing it out loud wherever you are!

Felt The title track of the album, this little piece of genius make you feel like floating around a wonderland garden. Taking a somewhat touchy subject of feeling brokenhearted and putting an upbeat twist using a bop-a-long guitar riff will make that heartache a little bit easier to deal with. As a friend of mine once said, dance like your heart is breaking.

Jean – A fitting tribute to his late Grandmother with lyrics such as ‘You’re in my seconds, in my minutes, in my hours, And not a single day you pass’ is completely relatable when thinking of someone you love who has passed. She would be proud of Mike’s accomplishments so far and what else has yet to come.

There are very few records which leave a lasting impression of amazement and make you feel precious, wanted and loved. Felt is one of those albums which welcomes you into Clean Cut Kid’s arms with fuzziness, a ray of light and facial hair galore. The overall question is how I felt after listening to it? A sense of belonging and at right at home.

Words by Tracey Faye McIntyre

Review – Wide Days 2017 at The Liquid Room, Edinburgh

Maths may not be our strong point but when you have one of the biggest music conventions in Scotland, adding in our capital city and three of the biggest homegrown acts into the equation, the answer is to simply be there or be square.

Wide Days is the only Scottish music-business convention which celebrates a thriving music scene which we (as Scots) are proud to call our own. In 2014 it was named the Best Networking Event at the Yearly Music Convention Awards and has been nominated every year since. Wide Days attracts key music industry players from all over the world and increases in popularity and success thanks to the uniqueness of the event.

After a busy day of seminars and networking, various showcase gigs had taken place all over the city’s iconic music venues including La Belle Angele, Teviot Row House and The Liquid Room. We were lucky enough to attend #WideDays2017 and appreciate the hard work, passion and enthusiasm of everyone involved in the project. On Friday 21st April, The Liquid Room was home to three of Scotland’s finest upcoming talents in the form of Declan Welsh And The Decadent West, The Vegan Leather and Edinburgh’s very own Vistas.

Opening the show was the LAD of East Kilbride himself Declan Welsh and his band The Decadent West. With a strong message of his political views, stances on today’s social issues and immense skill for poetry reminiscent of Bob Dylan, West knows how to captivate an audience and have them in the palm of his hand. A major highlight of their set would be fan favourite No Pasaran having the crowd screaming those two words as if they were the last words they would ever say. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, the future is certainly looking bright for the band and finally putting East Kilbride on the map.


For this next band, you will need a sprinkling of glitter and your best dancing shoes from your wardrobe. Hailing from Paisley, The Vegan Leather do not hide from their love of all things disco. With their infectious hooks and having Paolo Nutini as an avid fan, Gianluca, Matt, Marie and Duncan know how to turn a 20-minute performance into a Saturday night out with your friends cutting only the finest shapes as if you were auditioning for Saturday Night Fever. Current single Shake It is extremely contagious, you may want to consult your GP in case you have a case of disco fever. We woke up this morning still covered in gold glitter…


The final act for #WideDays2017 were local boys Vistas who brought their A-game to the stage last night. Sounding exactly like their studio recording which is a rare find nowadays, latest single Feel Alive kicked off their very impressive set which the crowd warmed to very quickly knowing the four-piece are something special and the one’s to watch out for in the future. Supporting Clean Cut Kid at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow on 29th May, we will be waiting on the day they will sell out their headline show at the ‘Quite possibly the finest small venue in the World.’


Our calendars are waiting to be marked with the dates for Wide Days 2018 and seeing what the next 12 months have in store for the future of the Scottish music industry.

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