Track Review – ‘GO’ by Apache Darling

After being shortlisted for Hard Rock Cafe’s #HardRockRising, Glasgow’s very own Apache Darling make an entrance to 2017 with their first release of the year with the catchy new single GO

3 Go - Artwork .JPG
Apache Darling are made up of:

Stefanie Lawrence – Vocals
Andrew Black – Keys/Vocals
Charlotte Printer – Bass/Vocals
Danny Kelly – Drums

Produced by Paul Beard who has worked with artists such as Bryan Ferry and Robbie William, the Alt-Pop 4 piece have created something which is a league of their own, knowing their own niche and comfortably delivering a track worthy of a roaring success when released.

GO is about a previous band breakup and finding the good from an otherwise destructive situation which can be somewhat difficult these days however the positives outweigh the negatives in this situation, Lawrence’s vocals on GO outline the emotion, the realisation of dealing with what has happened and she is the sunshine brightening through the rain – one of the best female vocalists in Scotland, period.

The synth on this record is dark, edgy and hypnotisingly addictive. You can easily lose yourself in those 3 minutes and it will leave you craving more.

Their debut EP is being released this summer and if GO is anything to go *ahem* by, this EP will be one that you should be watching out for.

GO is released on May 3rd

Words by Tracey Faye McIntyre


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