Track Review – ‘Biting Tongues’ by Electrical Love

Admitting that he danced to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up long before it became a meme sensation, Edinburgh solo artist Electrical Love will release his debut single Biting Tongues and for a debut single, it’s very impressive!

Confessing to listening to his Mother’s 80’s vinyl collection which consumed of The Eurhythmics, Aztec Camera with some Soft Cell and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark thrown in for equal measure, you can instantly suss out the influence behind his debut which is extremely synth-led with some powerful, heartfelt vocals adding into the overall theme of the song. Describing Biting Tongues as ‘the mistress to his previous band Return to the Sun’, Stephen wanted his chance at a solo career and it’s paid off! “The aforementioned is still true except, I left the wife for the mistress.” (His words, not mine!)

Over the next coming months, Stephen will be starting a weekly YouTube channel called The Pineapple Sessions which will feature sessions from Stephen as well as other musicians. It’ll be exciting to see who will be guesting on these sessions, we will be definitely be keeping a look out for these on a weekly basis. Guess I should learn how to play the keyboard and grab myself a glitter jacket… look out for my session in 2018. xo

Biting Tongues is out on May 5th.

Words by Tracey Faye McIntyre


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