Track Review – ‘Control’ by Twin Wild

Fresh from supporting PRIDES on their UK tour last month, Twin Wild have been busy in the studio recording some tracks for impatient fans lusting after new music.

After streaming the My Heart EP for God knows how long, the London lads have returned with triumphant new single Control. A song about not having anyone take over the things in your life, Control features a very solid drumbeat which gets into your bones very quickly and had you moving along to the rhythm.

Lead vocalist Richard sings loud and proud ‘Yeah I be who I want to be, you ain’t got no control on me’ which is relatable to people who feel as if people are running their lives that other people want for them and not necessarily themselves. Running in at 2 minutes and 53 seconds, Richard Hutchison, Imran Mair, David Cuzner, Edward Thomas still manages to get their message out that they are not taking any bullshit from anyone and they will do the things the TW way – and that’s a pretty awesome way of living their lives.

The song generates an overall positive vibe and if you feel like you’ve lost your way a little, turn this up to maximum volume and sing it from your heart.

The only control I have is to dictate how long I will be listening to the song on repeat for and my estimation is that it will be for at least for the rest of today and tomorrow.

Catch Twin Wild on their upcoming UK tour:


18th – Radar Love Club Night, Derby (Tickets)
19th – Kasbah, Coventry
21st – The Rocking Chair, Sheffield
23rd – Adelphi, Hull
25th – The Sugarmill, Stoke-On-Trent
26th – Also Known As, Banbury (FREE ENTRY)
27th – The Cellar, Oxford
29th – The Portland Arms, Cambridge

Tickets are available from here.

Words by Tracey Faye McIntyre


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