Track Review – ‘Bruises’ by Lewis Capaldi

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you may have heard about this next artist and why we here at Forever Fangirls are keeping a very close eye on him.

Bruises is the debut track from Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi. Lewis is based not too far away from me in sunny Bathgate, West Lothian and make no mistake the boy has some serious talent.

is an emotive ballad that if you’ve ever really properly been in love and had to let go of that love you will feel every note and every word imprint on your soul. The heady mix of piano and Lewis’ gravelly but perfect tones take you somewhere out of yourself and back to the memory of that love and hope. It’s beautifully written and in my opinion, it’s pure perfection.

Have a listen here:

I’ll definitely be watching out for him, my guts tell me he’s gonna be huge!
Here are his upcoming UK tour dates. See you at St. Lukes!

•  Tuesday 12 September – The Crofters Rights, Bristol, UK
•  Wednesday 13 September – Oporto, Leeds, UK
•  Thursday 14 September – Fallow Cafe, Manchester, UK
•  Friday 15 September – St Luke’s, Glasgow, UK

Tickets are available from here!

Words by Nicola Louise Ruzgar.


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