Pronto Mama ‘Any Joy’ Album Listening Party

Since discovering them supporting Fatherson at The Barrowlands last December, Pronto Mama have been the band I have been keeping my eye on as they are destined for big things this year. Pronto Mama are: Marc Rooney (vocals, guitar) Ciaran McEneny (vocals, keyboard, guitar), one member of the rhythm section, Michael Griffin (bass)  Martin Johnston (drums) Alex Sharples (trumpet, keyboard) and Craig McMahon (trombone, keyboard, percussion.)

On May 5th, they will release their debut album Any Joy via Electric Honey Records and it’s all thanks to everyone (including myself and Nicola) who pledged through PledgeMusic to help make this happen.

With 11 days remaining on the website, they have successfully reached their target and as a Thank You, the band hosted an exclusive Listening Party for the album at the Scottish Music Centre in Candleriggs, Glasgow on Wednesday 12th April. It was an extremely intimate gathering of people (around 30 pledgers were present) and we were given the lucky opportunity of listening to Any Joy in its entirety. If the singles Arabesque and Double-Speak were anything to go by, you knew this album was going to be nothing short of sheer brilliance.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Bottom Feeder
2. Cold Arab Spring
3. Arabesque
4. Rubber
5. Double-Speak
6. One Trick Pony
7. Sentiment
8. All Your Insides
9. The Deserter
10. Bully March
11. You’re Only Human
12. Bennie
13. Memory Song

You can tell from the lyrics in each song, the album is based on growing up in the East End of Glasgow, the trials and tribulations of relationships, friendships and above all else, hope. Lyrics such as ‘Hurt me one more time, I never even got to say goodbye’ from You’re Only Human and ‘You’re so intelligent, I feel irrelevant’ from Arabesque shows the raw emotion of what the band are feeling at that particular time when writing songs. Their jazzy, uptempo songs with catchy pop hooks meeting indie-rock anthems make for a pleasurable listening experience whether you’re an avid Pronto Mama fan or experiencing their music for the first time.

Bottom Feeder is a track that introduces you to the record stating giving you the indication that ‘We are Pronto Mama and this is 45 minutes of pure magic.’ The tracks get bigger and better from there with favourites Rubber and One Trick Pony making an appearance making fans extremely happy to hear remastered versions of some of PM’s classic tracks. Sentiment has become a fan-favourite at gigs with the band contemplating whether to get pished or not during the song. With no instruments and the simple clicking of fingers, it’s easy to see why people will grow to love this little gem.

Overall, if you have been highly anticipating this album, you will not be disappointed. You can tell a tremendous amount of hard work, effort and love has gone into making Any Joy and it was an absolute joy to be a part of this experience. Thanks, guys, we love you!

Catch the boys on tour over the next few months, check the poster below for dates and here for tickets. Album artwork and Tour Poster design by Paul Wilkie.

Words by Tracey Faye McIntyre


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